The Llamas

I went to the mailbox the other day and most of the herd was across the road, including the two babies.

The adults ignored me as did the little one but the older baby watched me the whole time I was there! The new baby is not thriving and we are worried Mom is producing enough milk for it. 😦 I even saw it trying to eat grass.

There isn’t much to be done. We are NOT gonna adopt a baby llama for nursing! The bunny was bad enough!


Another New Baby

I had heard there was another new llama in the School Section. But I didn’t see it for a while. Mommy kept it away from the road. 😦 Finally this morning I got some good pictures

So little! And almost completely black! When it lies down, it looks like a baby goat! We had another baby in July.

Two in one year! This llama hasn’t had a baby before but she is proving a good mother. This makes 7 llamas in this pasture. We worry there won’t be enough for all of them to eat.