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This arrived in my inbox this morning. I do have connections in strange places!


This is IUMMA, your QUAKER FRIEND, i found the moment
to comunicate with you about the Egiptian pyramids and
the recently discovered real environment in Mars planet…
well my friends i dont know if you know that the real
Mars is mostly like Egipt, Nile and Red Sea, or just
like the Arabian Peninsula, with similar vegetation and
with huge seas, that is not all… threre are jungles too.

The Mars photos that NASA use to show us all this
years are taken with radiotelescopes that are not
able to detect the mars living matter and fluids
cause those organic molecles are not of the same
biology than in earth planet, they only detect
innert matter as stones and minerals (as a X RAY
of a planet), so everithing seems to be so desolate
and inert there, but that is not the real truth,
they have technology only to detect water molecules
and Mars seas and biology are not of water are of
a diferent sustance, and you can be sure the ozone
there is not blue… the troposphere real colour
is orange, it is exactly the same colour than the
Earth orange Sunset clouds, the Martian oceans
are also Orange.

Newest research about Mars shows that NASA and
international establishment astronomers were wrong
or hiding the true facts that Mars is with atmosphere,
natural ecosystems and environments… there are
forests, jungles and oceans, that is not all there
are antropomorphic inteligent life too!.

The martian humanoids are primary amphibian froggoids
although we need to consider that Dragons and reptilian
humanoids [Reptiloids] are from Mars as well, the
martian animals are mainly dinosaurs, there is insectilian
life forms all around Mars and the most powerful are
Praying Mantis humanoids and small bulb head grey
insectoids who control the Mars surface and its beings
from a Shape-Shifted huge Mothership known in Earth
as Phobos Asteroid… the biggest insects are spiders and

The reality is that the human satellites from Earth only
were programmed to detect water molecules then they
only watched deserts and innert matter because water
is not in Mars, they are making just X Ray pictures
from the planet… the bones are the stones and the
metaphorical flesh, the martian living nature, does not
appears like the X Ray pictures of a body.

Although the anti-stablishment disident astronomers have
made public in esoteric silent ways that there are other
basic liquid molecule in Mars and it is not water, and
that is the source of life there, they in their photos
detect green living vegetation and really huge oceans,
big cities and Mars atmosphere is with clouds as well.

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