It is dramatically cooler today: 76! But back to the 80s and 90s tomorrow. We’ll have to close up the house some tonight due to the cool north breeze. No rain. It is hard to believe that this is the beginning of August!

I was complaining of being bored and useless so Donna put me to work on a project I had planned a week ago: replacing part of our 2″ water hose. She was right; I feel a bit better and got some work done before the clouds wandered off. Of course now the hose is totally unusable until I get it it finished! But the section of old hose looked more like part of a lawn sprinkler system while we were unloading water!

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  1. Same thing here–it’s only 106 right now. That beats 112, etc. I hope I can remember how to open up the place when/if I get the chance.
    Glad that you feel like doing something–not good for an old fart to just sit around. JG


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