I was sitting on the front porch at sunset when a large doe came in sight. This isn’t unusual but the rest of the herd came on in view. Eight of them and five of them fawns! And two of them still had spots. Now this was unusual.

Lily is on full alert with all those big animals around! Even though they have moved on down the hill.



It is dramatically cooler today: 76! But back to the 80s and 90s tomorrow. We’ll have to close up the house some tonight due to the cool north breeze. No rain. It is hard to believe that this is the beginning of August!

I was complaining of being bored and useless so Donna put me to work on a project I had planned a week ago: replacing part of our 2″ water hose. She was right; I feel a bit better and got some work done before the clouds wandered off. Of course now the hose is totally unusable until I get it it finished! But the section of old hose looked more like part of a lawn sprinkler system while we were unloading water!

My Right “Sleeve”

Working with the medical people in my life, I am filling out my right arm’s tats.

The upper one is the new one. My visiting nurse tried (three times to get a blood specimen. No luck. This old fart just will not cooperate! I ended up going to the Centura draw center where I knew it would go well. It did.

The Scorpion

This creature was in our kitchen sink this morning! After three tries getting a picture, it had a serious attitude!

I know climate change has altered our fauna, most notably Yellow Jackets have replaced Hornets up here. But scorpions?!