My Cancer Update

I went to see my urologist in Pueblo Wednesday. This Firmagon injection was only 80 mg; last month I got 2 120s.

This is the whole thing that the nurse laid out for the doctor.

I was surprised to see this was a powder. The vertical line is a reflection of the fluorescent light on the ceiling.

He squirted sterile saline into the vial and mixed it before he sucked the mixture back into the syringe. Then put it into my belly. I tried to take a picture of him injecting but my big belly got in the way! He is good; it was painless.

Then the nurse took a blood sample for a PSA analysis.

The doctor called me this afternoon and “fired” me as a cancer patient. He will continue as my urologist but wants me to find an oncologist. Because my PSA was 40!! Much higher in only two months from the 12.6 in December. I don’t blame him for bailing!

My GP said he knew an oncologist who practices at the Heart of the Rockies Hospital in Salida. So I called his office to get referred to the oncologist. I hope he is taking patients; he is supposed to be retired!

Sometimes this adventure takes me unexpected places.

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