We had no snow in the forecast for today; tomorrow, yes. So we got 45 minutes of snow this morning around 7.
And again tonight starting at 6.

There is measurable on the ground and still falling as you can see. Our snow was supposed to start tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Donna

     /  February 7, 2012

    Hi Folks, this is Donna. The reason we are so excited by getting snow up here in the mountains (7800 feet) is because for the last several we have been way way below our average moisture (it should be at least 15-16 inches a year) both during the summer and especially in the winter! When we first bought our land, over 15 years ago, we had over 15 inches of snow accumulation during February. Our flora and fauna is changing (i.e. dieing) from lack of proper moisture accumulation. It has been half or less!!!!!! as much as we need the last several years. Hence, our fires, sick trees, no forage and lack of wild flowers, etc.


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