Over The River

We just had two hearings for our county in approving this massive ($50,000,000) art project. One hearing was in Canon City in the County Commissioner’s chambers and that one went on all day with between 150 – 200 people in attendance.

From the Salida Mountain Mail: Fremont Commissioners hear art project comments

From the Pueblo Chieftain: Economic boon

The second one was in Cotopaxi in the school’s Multi Purpose Room — the old gym, with about 80 in attendance in spite of an approaching storm.

From the Canon City Record: Local OTR hearings conclude. Also at http://www.themountainmail.com/news/article_9f337564-4dbe-11e1-8851-001a4bcf6878.html

From the Denver Post: Foes of Christo’s plan to drape over river make final stand .

Two news articles were more analytic.

From the Record: ‘Over the River’ Hearings Far From Over

And from the New York Times: Note to Christo: Don’t Start Hanging the Fabric Yet

More stuff:

Christos’ website with lots of artist sketches of the curtains.


ROAR’s website with lots of BS.


The red areas are the locations of the curtains except for the one NE of milemarker 250 which is the staging area. This is in the Pinon Acres area as well as the BLM area across the river. On the right of the map is Canon City and the left is Salida.

The BLM Record of Decision page has more details.

I find this very entertaining. Except for the fact that Donna and I are opposite sides of this project! But this will make life more interesting up here!

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