“Our” Fiberoptic — Lower Half Buried

Not having gone down Road Gulch Road since school was out, I took a drive Sunday when I went to get the mail. I had heard from one of our postpersons that it wasn’t going well.

I got all the way to CO69 before I found the bulldozers.

From the looks of things, they had just gotten there Saturday. A bunch of cable was lying on the ground, ready to be shoved down the orange duct to the other side of the highway.

Or something. I am skeptical this is enough cable to come out the other end of the duct on the other side of the highway.

There is a lot of duct on the other side of the highway. This allows it to get to the other fiberoptic cable it connects to. I don’t think the roll on the ground will do it so they will have to splice another section in, presumably in a box.

My speculation they were gonna lay it in the road was wrong. They widened the shoulder in the “curves” enough for the dozers. But had to call for some serious muscle.

This is a backhoe with a hydraulic hammer. When the county widened this stretch of road years ago, they didn’t use one of these. Nor did they make room for bulldozers! Their purpose was smoothing the curves and widening the road for two vehicles.

Most of the way the burial furrow looked like this.

Nice and neat looking. But through the curves, it was more of a “git ‘er done” appearance. Two major cliffs had to be cut back, creating lots of rock and boulders.

The rocks were pushed back to make room for the dozer tracks.

At the cattle guard, they lay the cable along the ground.

Now they have started from the top again for the second portion of the project. The dozers are at the end of our street now.

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