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Note: we have so much going on, I decided to post individual updates on each family member.

My body has gone crazy since my last Lupron shot. I had the flare up pain which lasted about 36 hours. And I thought I was done for the year. Nope.

Yesterday afternoon, while out doing errands, it started again. I had gone to town for Hildebrand’s Resident Council meeting followed by a visit to the tire store for a leaking tire repair (valve stem, so a freebie!). Then lunch. Sometime along in here, the pain started, mild at first then increasing.

I had been feeling kinda odd, emotionally, for the two days previously; I never felt rested. And my brain was “fuzzy”. I have been here before, I eventually realized. My “zombie” period in 2008.

Last night I took some aspirin so I could get some sleep. And had a sexy dream! That was both a surprise and not good. That meant I have testosterone running around in my body! No wonder my cancer was achy; it was growing. Again. I have another month until my new treatment.

All this makes me wonder about Abbot Labs’s (the Lupron manufacturer) quality control. Or maybe my body is rebelling (again) against having its hormones suppressed! Or maybe the Casodex isn’t working to inhibit testosterone uptake. I have no way of knowing.

I think I have lost ground to the parasite this month.

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