Or at least this blog seems to be becoming a collection of whines! That isn’t my intention. But good news is soo boring! Lol.

My shoulder pain is completely gone like it never happened! It is back to the normal tenderness when pressed or hit. I guess the feeding frenzy is over!

Lily is doing well from her surgery but has quit eating suddenly. Her meds have ended and maybe she is feeling some pain. If this persists, she will be seeing her vet.

I have had a mild pain in my side since about Lily’s surgery and had attributed it to my diverticulitis caused by the stress of all the stuff going on and knew it would get better in a week or so. But it didn’t and this weekend got much worse. Since it hurts more, it is easier to locate in my body! Now I am sure it is my left kidney. I couldn’t get in to see my GP until Friday so called my urologist and I now have a 2 PM appointment with him. He is normally an hour and a half away (Pueblo) but I am allowing 2 hours due the snow. I am sure this is unrelated to my cancer; just another one of my old man’s problems!

I had all intentions of not moving from the house today!

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