My “kidney” Pain

I went to my urologist and got a lesson on where my kidneys are! sigh. About a foot higher than my pain. He quickly determined it was diverticulitis. Partly because he has the same problem, as I have most of my life. That was relief since I know how to manage my diverticulosis. As Donna says, “Don’t worry; be happy!’ Lol. I just need to manage my stress level. But I think he was annoyed I had come to him with this.

So my exciting trip to Pueblo on snow-packed highways was not in vain. I am relieved it wasn’t more serious. I didn’t realize it until tonight but Donna was thinking “dialysis”! I told her I have two kidneys and the right one works great!

Before I left, we had some excitement: a bird smacked itself senseless against a window of our house! She put her boots and coat on over her nightgown and found it buried in the snow in the 8°. We already had a wounded bird that Kimi had brought in last week and had been “living” with me in a cat carrier. I call it “Bird”.

I found it “dead” on the kitchen floor one morning. Until I tried to pick it up by the tail!! Carrier time! It didn’t struggle when I picked it up and set it in the mesh cage. We put finch food and water in the jar lids. It has been with us for about a week.

Anyway, Donna put the injured bird, a Junco, in with it. Later, she went in to check on the new bird and it flew out of the carrier!! OK, it had recovered! But she couldn’t catch it while I showered. After my shower, I went in my bedroom to dress, closing the door behind me. It flew around and I didn’t pay much attention until Donna came in saying, “You let it get out!”. “No, I didn’t! It must have gone under the door!”. Off she went with her fish net to catch it! She got it while I dressed when it went in my bathroom and she released it outdoors.

Bird was very agitated afterward. I told it when it can fly like that, we will let it go. But it also didn’t like that strange human putting her hand in its space. 🙂

Then, when I tried to leave in the Montero, it wouldn’t start. So I had to brush snow off both vehicles to leave! But the Escape did quite well on the icy and snow-packed roads. So this was an interesting day all the way!

I also stopped by my MMJ supplier for some more elixir (Hey, the doc said I had to manage my stress! Kind of.). But they were out; she said they expected later today but I wondered if that was BS and they were having a cash flow problem. She tried to sell me some fresh product but I told her I couldn’t afford the pot and the vaporizer, her spectacular cleavage notwithstanding. Just not a good day in general.

All this for something that was a false alarm. But my pain is about gone. Must have been the spicy Popeye’s chicken strips I had for lunch!

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