My Blog Hits

Like many bloggers, I like to see how many visits my blog gets and on what subjects. I have 5 subscribers and usually get hits from my posting on FB.

But the most interesting thing is the search engine terms that lead people here. Since I posted the one about the giant land snails, I get almost daily hits even yet (79 total hits!)! Some are mystifying like “mushroom clouds posters” yesterday: nuclear war posters? Clouds that look like mushrooms? Mushrooms that make clouds? I don’t know and it doesn’t say where they landed.

And “there is low hanging wire in my backyard phone co” made me wonder what attracted that result! I know I have never mentioned “gaylene garbizo denver“! Lol. And “where is donnas gall bladder” reminds me of “Where is Waldo?”. At least I have a good idea what page they looked at! And lots of different combinations of “tree” and “snow” but “sex in the snow” is a chilling idea! I HAD to Google that one and never found my blog in the first 20 pages! I learned some interesting definitions and found a drink: Sex On The Snow cocktail: Blend 5 parts Absolut Vanilia, 1 part Frozen Milk Ice Cubes. Garnish: Maraschino Berry.

Kilt” and “fat sex” also showed up a lot. The oddest search term to me is “+”undermine+national+security+proprietaries,+creating+a+costly+precedent+for+granting+such+benefits+to+other+proprietary+employees+and+would+not+stand+legal+or+public+scrutiny” “.
I was surprised to see I was #6 in the search results, my “Air America Veterans” post!

The things I end up doing on a snowy afternoon!

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