My First Cancer Pain

Today I woke up to pain on the back of my right shoulder. This is where my largest cancer “colony” lives, on the back of my clavicle. Usually I feel this pain when my bursitis is acting up. But it wasn’t today.

The only logical explanation was the shot I got Monday. This was my first one month shot. It may work differently in regard to the initial “flare” of testosterone. And it was fertilizing my cancer. I am sure my PSA has jumped another notch.

I was feeling it grow. I took some aspirin but that seemed to have little effect. I went about my activities with the pain on my back. This evening it began to ease, thankfully.

I assume this is a sample of what is to come.

My new drug will not have this effect since it does not create an increase in testosterone.

Tonight will be an MMJ night.

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  December 3, 2011

    I believe you when you say you felt it grow. I am glad after reading the other post though that pain was not as bad.

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