Another Urologist Appointment

This was my regular 3 month Lupron injection. But when the doctor saw my PSA results, he changed the plan! It was over 8!

Instead of getting three month’s injection, he gave me one month’s worth. Next month he will change to a different drug “for situations like mine”. But I don’t know the name. He has to order it and I will get it the 27th. That drug has to be given monthly. In my abdomen. sigh.

The curve of my PSA results shows it rising in a non-linear manner.

They took another blood sample to see what the increase in one month is. Based on this chart, I estimate the results will be near 9.5.

This was the thing he was talking about when I get to 9. But he assured me any talk of chemo will be when I get in higher (?) double digits.

So my adventure continues.

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  1. James Burnham

     /  November 28, 2011

    Prostate cancer got my dad at 73. I figure it’s gonna get me. I think how “lucky” you are to have all these doctor visits and medicines. Our 10k deductible went from an $850.00/month premium to a $1,200.00/month premium so we quit and are now naked as a jay bird. If it comes for me, I refuse to leverage my son’s inheritance and leave him on the street with his mother, so I’ll be checking out with what little dignity I can muster. I know, I know, I say that now. What happens when the time comes? Will “we” all decide that I must fight like Charlie does? For me? For my son? For my wife? Maybe. But I’m thinking that movie “Falling Down” with an insurance company twist is looking better. I guess we’ll see. Sorry, Charlie. I know this thread is about you, not me. But you always have me thinking. End rant.

    • Charlie

       /  November 29, 2011

      Thanks, James. No apology needed. Sometimes I feel this blog has too much “me” in it and that isn’t the point. I like to think what I am writing may help someone else in their decision making.

      If I didn’t have medical insurance, my course of treatment would be radically different. I had good insurance with Colorado Springs Utilities so the proton beam treatments and brachiatherapy were 80% paid. Now I am on Medicare which is even better because they don’t let doctors overcharge so my 20% is very reasonable.

      I would likely be dead now if I had not had any treatment. I have a very aggressive form of cancer. Not the retirement I expected. Donna has a substantial 401(k) and I would not want her to spend it, either. That is her insurance if she outlives me (which is seeming more likely all the time).

      Nor do I feel I am “fighting”. It seems I am more like a pinball not knowing what bumper I will hit next!

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