New Microwave

We went several days without a microwave after our old one died and got this one on Tuesday.

As Joni Mitchell sang,
… you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone


Donna used the microwave every morning for her tea; her “coffee pot” did not heat her water hot enough. OTOH, I used it for the first time tonight heating up T-day leftovers. It is so cool! Instead of the “food plate” our old one had, this has “reheat” then a menu for what you are reheating. But that menu is in numbers! I chose “1” for “a plate of food”.

It says “DINNER PLATE” scrolling acrooss the display but doesn’t give the time left. Until it has 1 and 1/2 minutes then it beeps (It loves to beep!) to notify you. I took it out then and I had a perfectly heated meal.

But this is the physically biggest microwave we have EVER owned! Donna rearranged the counter several times before she arrived at this arrangement for the appliances. Her first complaint was that it got things too hot! Lol. She used 80% power instead of reducing the time for her tea. Such a creature of habit! Followed by her having to search for workable locations for everything.

This is essentially where the old microwave was but I have to move the paper towel dispenser. The toaster used to be on the left of the microwave.

This is a keeper but we wanted it for her to prepare Thanksgiving dinner and it almost didn’t work out! The Sears appliance store in Cañon was insisting I needed to present the e-mail they would send when delivered the thing. And they wouldn’t send it until, the truck returned to wherever it came from (Denver? Kansas City? Trenton? Seattle?) and they confirmed the drop. sigh. Then the woman (with startling blue eyes) said she might be able to release it if I could copy the e-mail confirming the shipping. She never did understand about my using Thunderbird and could not access my old messages. Finally I got a copy of it that I had sent Donna and was on her webmail.

As she was loading the box, she said, “Oh, we have this model in stock.” does not play well with the retailers so I had no way of knowing this. 😦 She would match the price. And much less hassle.

I never have received that e-mail. My life is always interesting.

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