Poor Lily

We took Lily to the vet today because she had been limping on her left rear leg since about noon yesterday. She had gone outside then came in injured. She avoided using that leg last night but the pain was obviously worse as the evening went on.

I called the vet early and was told, “Can you bring her in NOW?”. Sigh. That was unexpected but there were no appointments before 10 AM on the vet’s calendar! So . . .

Since we were planning on a relaxing morning before we went, we started jumping through our butts to get ready to go, stuff like skipping breakfast and having to dress! I had told the veterinarian’s office it took us an hour to get there so we had agreed on a 9:30 appointment. We barely made it!

Lily couldn’t help get in the Escape (We choose that over the Montero since the back door opens easily and it is slightly lower to the ground). It still took both of us to lift her in, one on each end!

It took three of us to get her weighed; she hates vet scales! She weighed 83#!

The vet and her vet tech took her vitals and palpitated her leg. She was very tender just above the knee. Next was X-rays but she was so tender, the vet was going to sedate her before the X-rays due to having to extend the leg. We went to breakfast.

We ate, shopped, and mailed a letter and still hadn’t heard from them so I drove back up the her office which is way up on the north end of Cañon City. I had expected to sit and read while we waited but my timing was good and we were told to come in for a conference.

She has Anterior Cruciate Ligament rupture. Dog knees are complicated and highly stressed. Their structure is good for short-lived animals who have to chase game but wasn’t “designed” for long-lived pets.

Not counting euthanasia, we had three choices: longterm drug use to relieve pain, a half assed repair using heavy duty sutures to keep the two bones kind of aligned, and reconstructing the whole joint and installing a steel reinforcing. The problem is the two bones move back and forth across each other. Painfully. There is a cost issue involved. The best solution, the joint reconstructive surgery, is $3000 and permanent; the suture anchor is about $1700 and may fail and will also cause arthritis; and the drug control would be about $45/MO which doesn’t heal the problem at all. Pick one.

Since Lily is part of our family, the choice was no contest. Fix it and figure out to pay for it. The surgery is called Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). Lots of Dremel work. Three weeks recovery time. And a payment plan. Poor baby.

Donna is working on the payment plan which has come to involve her 401(k). This in turn involved our taxes since these accounts involve taxable income when withdrawn.

A long and eventful day. Poor Lily is also having her usual nausea from the pain killer. sigh. Donna gave her some Pepsid AC so she was able to eat my steak trimmings and keep them down. 🙂

And now it is snowing . . .

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  1. For those of you who don’t know (which included me), Lily is ten years old. I thought that was pertinent. JG

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