Getting Stuck

This is an embarrassing post. I had a meeting Wednesday about our Property Owners website. I almost made it.

I always get lost in going to the webmistress’ house. They live way up north in our development well past any services like power and phone. Or road plowing. I usually end up turning one road too soon and then turn around. But never with several inches of snow on the road! In the process of turning around, my 4WD slipped out (I figured out later.) and I slid into the muddy ditch. No amount of rocking would free me from the mire, partly because my tires could not get a grip on the snow and wet gravel.

No, I hadn’t packed a shovel or other emergency gear. And no cell service up there so no cell phone.

I struggled for a while but every time I made progress that left front wheel would collapse the edge of the hole it had dug and I could feel my vehicle slowly ease back down. That wheel was in up to the axle. 😦

It was getting late (The meeting was at 4.) so I decided to walk over to the house from which I could hear dogs barking. I couldn’t find the driveway so walked cross country. In my walking shoes. I was thankful there was no wind, anyway. I found the place by following the “guide barking”. Lol. All I found was two unoccupied RVs; well one had a yappy dog inside I could hear. But there were pens containing a lot of animals: three big white dogs (maybe Samoyeds); an Alpaca; chickens; two goats; and even a fat rabbit running around like a pet. I followed the driveway back to the road and walked back to my SUV.

But before I got there, I heard a vehicle coming. An Amerigas propane truck! Yay! I was “saved”. Lol. Because they are a hazmat truck, they couldn’t help me but promised they would call Donna as soon as they got back in cell range. So I crawled back into the Montero and began reading my Kindle. Soon I heard a vehicle and assumed it was the propane truck coming back by. It wasn’t. It was Ed, whose house I was trying to get to, coming to rescue me!

Turns out the propane guys tried to deliver to his neighbor across the road from his house but the gate was locked. He went out and talked to them and they mentioned a guy was stuck back down the hill. They didn’t know my name so he was surprised to see it was me!

We went back to his house which, it turns out was not far from me! He had a massive chain and quickly pulled me out. I was only an hour late to my meeting; the trip over took me an hour and a half! When we came in the house, Margy, the webmistress, was on the phone about me! It was the guy Donna had called asking if they could go get me. I had told the truck drivers to tell her to call him and he would know how to get me some help.

Both I and the Montero are none the worse for wear. And Ed showed me the back way in which avoids the steep hills on Indian Wells, the road I had always used.

Two days in a row of adventures is too much!

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