A Stop at a Rest Area

On our way to Canon City from Salida, we stopped at the Canyon Trading Post Recreation Area near Cotopaxi to relax and enjoy the Arkansas River for a while; this is the same place where we watched the river go by white and the trees had fences. The humans used the vault toilet while Lily, in spite of the copious amount of water she had drank, did not stop sniffing.

So we went for a walk hoping Lily would HAVE to pee. We went down by the river and Lily walked into the water, drank some water, then jumped right into the river! We had no idea she liked to swim! I urged her out with the leash before the current carried her away. So we then had a completely wet dog! Who walked over and shook herself in front of us!

She has quit leaving streams of water but you can see wet footprints she is leaving.

She is very happy for being a wet dog! We all went over and sat down at a shady table to read, well, Donna and I did. She continued to sniff. Until an animal across the river began complaining about the presence of humans and dogs in the rest area! And got more emphatic when a group of float fishermen stopped there for lunch!

This video is designed to be listened to. The “chirping” noise is the [assumed] marmot barking at us. Both these and groundhogs make this noise to warn others of intruders.

We hung on to Lily’s leash for fear she would jump in the river again to get to it!

Finally we all settled down to read or watch for intruders while Lily dried off some. It was relaxing, listening to the murmur of the river, noises of the wildlife, even the traffic on the highway above us. But eventually we had to move on.

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  October 5, 2011

    Great looking rest area. Lily looks very happy and very loved. Looks like a nice place for a rest.

    • Charlie

       /  October 6, 2011

      There are several along the river but this is the best one. Most of them don’t have trees, just gravel parking areas.

      She is, just like any family member!


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