More Prison, uh, School Construction

I got some more pictures of the Salida Prison School construction. I mentioned to the waitress at Wallbangers which is diagonally across the corner from this project how it looks like a prison! She laughed and agreed!

But there ARE some windows.

On the east side. This is taken from the Wallbangers parking lot, SE of the school. You can see they are setting the steel roof trusses.

This is from the opposite side on the NW. No windows here, either! I hope this is a gym they are building. I absolutely can’t tell from the plans on the school website.

I can’t tell north from south. And there is another “concept” drawing entirely different. And the architect “explained” that, yeah, the plans had changed since the earlier one is a ”
bubble drawing”! But for sure they are gonna spend $23,700,000 to replace the high school. With something.

OK. Digging through the picture pages, I learned these two buildings are the Gym and auditorium.

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