Donna Returns

We had been told she would be discharged about 10 AM so planned the day for that. I HAD to drive the Escape since there is no way she could get in the Montero, it being so high. She has trouble when she is feeling good! I had put the Escape on “deadline” due to the right front wheel bearing going out. I declared it an emergency and hoped for the best.

And I wanted to take Lily but she isn’t allowed to ride in the Escape. So I put the back seat down and spread an old bedspread out. And off we went up the river around 9. Traffic was light and the construction was shorter so there weren’t long delays. Lily wasn’t as comfortable as in the Montero but she managed.

I parked her so the sun didn’t shine in the rear and went in to see if Donna was ready.

She wasn’t ready but she definitely looked better! And was upright! Turns out they had told her they wanted to keep her until late afternoon but she got indignant with them since the doctor had told her earlier and I was on the way. So he approved her leaving when I got there. They forget the word “Regional” in their hospital name! Lol.

They had just begun to process her out so Lily and I went to run some errands. First stop was to get her a leash since I didn’t put hers with my stuff and left without it. It was a nice, long purple one. The girl checking us out suggested it was Spartan purple, one of the Salida school colors. I didn’t tell her it was Pirate purple, one of the Cotopaxi colors! I never did learn the other Salida color but one graphic was in purple and black; Cotopaxi’s, which adjoins Salida district to the east, is purple and white. Our site doesn’t state the colors but pictures of the football team have them.

Anyway, she didn’t need to potty after all that. But she seemed in distress, licking her lips and drooling. Her problem was obvious when we got to Burger King! She was gobbling the burger I got for her as I tore it apart, burning my fingers!

I ran another errand to my medical supply store for both the oxygen Donna needed and a new CPAP mask harness for me. Then Donna called saying they changed their minds about the oxygen and I went back to tell them to forget both! I joked with Mandy that if she quit breathing, I should smack her; Mandy looked a bit shocked. I remember when she came there, all subdued and uncommunicative. Now I wonder if I hit a nerve.

I went back to the hospital for Donna but when I went in to get her, she was eating “lunch”: hot tea and broth. She wasn’t excited. This is a picture of one of the two patient halls. It is a small hospital, 22 beds.

I went out to wait with Lily. She was nervous about this huge machine tearing up the sidewalk outside the Cafe.

There is lots of remodeling going on at this hospital.

Finally she called that she was on the way. I drove over to the entrance to wait. When Lily saw Donna being rolled out, she went wild and ended up in the front seat. The nurse was very patient and took Lily’s leash and then put her back in the back, lifting her rear end to do so. Donna slowly got in while Lily licked her!

As we drove home, her pain medication wore off and the bumps on our street and driveway elicited a series of “Uh”s. But she managed to walk in the house herself. And went right to bed!

I am proud of her for getting this over with. I know how much she hates doctors and hospitals. And the wheel bearing got worse, enough Donna even noticed!

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  October 2, 2011

    I’m glad that she got it all behind her too. I know about that pain from the bumps in the road. I had a similar experience after neck surgery and it felt like every pebble in the road was jarring me horribly.

    Hopefully a few days of rest and Donna will be feeling in fine fettle.


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