“$16 Muffins”

I expect those prices at my local pot store but doubt these had secret ingredients! Well, there is a “secret ingredient”: malice. This is a deliberate — or ignorant — distortion of the reality.

Department of Justice’s $16 muffins is now a symbol of waste. Even if it isn’t.

Were those just really good cookies? Is the government really throwing around our money just like that? Not at all, reports Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. As anyone who has ever booked a conference knows, the “food costs” are seldom the actual cost of the item itself, but also the cost of set up, break down, gratuity, taxes, utensils and other various necessities that go along with the food being served. As Drum says, “I’m surprised DOJ even got that much of a breakdown. Far more commonly, your event person negotiates what kind of refreshments you’ll get, and the invoice ends up looking something like this: Refreshment table (bev/morn/aft) — 5 days………………..$39,500.”

But the toxic politics in our nation makes mountains out of . . . nothing.

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