The Water Project

Today I got back on this project. And, as usual, it got redesigned! When I started to install the valve manifold on the greensand filter, there wasn’t room behind it! Oops. The cylinder needed to come out several inches. But it was sitting on a concrete base.

I finally decided to remove the base and set it on the ground. This was not the best solution but this thing weighs about 200# with no water in it! So I did.

The manifold now fits on the back of the controller!

I labeled the two pipes because they are opposite what I have been thinking all this time! The flow of water will be backward to what the manufacturer planned! sigh. My tubing will cross behind the columns!

I also got the plumbing for the pump and pressure tank inlet done. The “Christmas Tree” for the pump outlet is busy! So the pump is ready to go and most of the inlet fittings are glued. The brass thing is the inlet check valve.

The tee with the valve on it will connect to the inlet of the pressure tank. The valve may only be used once for filling the two columns slowly.

Next is some electrical stuff (outlets and a light) and connecting the tubing.

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