The Kilt

I was in Dairy Queen having lunch (sinful chili cheese dogs) and another patron got my attention with his attire. A very nice kilt! It was black and I never realized how practical they are — in summer anyway!

It looked very similar to this:

This is so cool with all those cargo pockets! This one is a Workman’s model Utilikilt. A heavy duty, $260 cotton duck kilt. I am not guaranteeing that is what he was wearing but it is close! With his full McGregor head of reddish-brown hair, beard, and mustache, he would look like a candidate for a Celtic kilt!

I didn’t care for his blue, tailored blouse but it wouldn’t have looked good on me anyway! OTOH, he was a big guy in his 20s; nobody is likely to criticize his clothing taste. Actually I told him I liked the kilt!

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  September 9, 2011

    I love men in skirts. This is a site that features men wearing kilts.

    • Charlie

       /  September 9, 2011

      They weren’t all kilts . . .

      Donna has vetoed the whole idea! I guess she doesn’t like guys in kilts!

      One friend on FB dared me to wear one to a school board meeting! sigh.

      • Annie R2P

         /  September 11, 2011

        I know a guy with a Hummer who runs around in a canvas type kilt like the one in your picture. Several pockets make it very convenient.

        It really helps if you have nice legs. That is key.

        Sorry that Donna isn’t on board.

  2. This is a great product. I have 4 myself. In fact, I wrote a blog called “Real Men Wear Kilts” located here:


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