The Snake Trap

I lost track of which day this is! Donna reminded me yesterday I hadn’t been checking the trap for a few days so moseyed on down to the barn. And found this.

An empty trap. I decided to roll this project up and brought the trap back up to the house. I will put it in a plastic bag for the next time we need to scare a snake off!

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  September 5, 2011

    Why pick it up. It may still catch a snake yet. It isn’t like it is in the way or anything, is it?

    • Charlie

       /  September 6, 2011

      This trap catches them with a sticky pad, similar to how a flytrap works. If I don’t check it regularly and it catches a snake (or anything else), the poor thing will either die from exhaustion due to struggling or starve.

      So for humane reasons I removed it. And because I am too lazy to walk down to the barn every day!


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