Cancer Musings

I do this periodically after some unpleasant news. And my rising PSA is bad news. Just how bad, I am not sure.

When I began this process, one of my several urologists told me some “milestones” in the progress of the disease. One of those was a PSA of 20 when the cancer would likely be spreading into my bones. But mine has never been above 10 and it has metastasized. So I am ahead of schedule. 😉

I went back and looked at my PETScan again. The spots on my rib cage that showed up on my last bone scan in June, 2011 were NOT there in May 2010.

So my parasite is still active “below the radar”. My PSA has been low since I went on full suppression in May of 2010, even with the 3 month break in Lupron. This implies it has already mutated somewhat.

My level was 0.2 ng/mL in August 2010. In Jan 2011, 0.56. By March 2011, it was 2.4 after my Lupron holiday. In retrospect the vacation was a mistake. But after I went back on suppression, my PSA should have dropped below 1.

My urologist told me he wasn’t concerned until my PSA goes over 10. I have a different view if it is spreading while still low. But, using his guideline, and extrapolating from these two tests, I will be over 10 in another 4 cycles or 12 months. Even if the last results were skewed and it really only went up by 1 instead of 1.5, the timeline extends out to 18 months.

I don’t know what happens at 10. But I am guessing it won’t be fun!

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  1. Ballerinagirl93

     /  September 4, 2011

    Hugs you tightly. Be okay or I will kick your ass.

  2. Ballerinagirl93

     /  September 4, 2011

    I also think you should get a second opinion?

    • Charlie

       /  September 4, 2011

      My GP was kind of a second opinion and he agreed with the urologist. 😦 Or vice versa.

  3. Annie R2P

     /  September 5, 2011

    I don’t know much about prostate cancer and am sorry that you have to know so much. My family is afflicted with breast and colon cancer. It isn’t that I am keeping my head in the sand because I do my regular screenings, and self checks. I eat healthy and try to exercise as much as I can. I hope that it isn’t something that I ever personally have to know in every detail. But, if I am ever in your shoes my friend, I am sure that I will become quite the scholar.



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