A PSA Call

I got a call from my urologist’s office about my PSA. I didn’t mention in my post about the Lupron injection that he had a PSA drawn as well. It seemed like an afterthought. It was 4! Oops. The last one was 2.4. So even with hormone suppression, my PSA level is rising.

Or there are other factors skewing the results: this test varies from lab to lab so his may tend to higher numbers and he also did a digital exam first which elevates PSA.

We talked about my cancer indicators and he said we would use the PSA but he would prescribe bone scans for my peace of mind. He wasn’t gonna worry until my PSA gets in the double digits. The logic of that is, even if it mutates, the new, undifferentiated cells will be mixed with the existing prostate cancer cells. If they start growing, the undiff cells will be crowding and annoying the existing cells, raising my PSA.

So I don’t know at this point if it is actually increasing. Nor does it matter at this point.

They are gonna send me a lab script to get a PSA in a couple of months.

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