My Retina Test

Donna and I went down the river to Pueblo today for me to get a retina scan at Retina Specialists. Expecting the worst, I took an Ibuprofen before I went in. Good thing.

I knew my left eye had worse vision than 6 weeks before. An eye test confirmed it. When the doctor came in, he said, “Since your vision is worse, I don’t think you need an angiogram and we should go ahead and give you an injection. Is that all right?”

What is one to say when a doctor says that? I muttered “yeah”.

So the process for getting a treatment began and soon it was over. sigh.

I asked how many of these I could get and he said some of his patients have gotten them every 6 weeks for a year! joy.

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  1. ballerinagirl93

     /  September 1, 2011

    Poor thing! Do you need an eye patch? Miss you on LJ.

    • Charlie

       /  September 2, 2011

      I used one last night! It helps a lot the first day.

      Thank you! Now I feel guilty for leaving, especially since they got the problems fixed. But WP works so much better!


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