Our Bunny

I got some bunny supplies at Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply. In the cat section, I got canned cat milk and a nursing bottle set.

When we got home, I looked in on our new pet; he looked at me and then burrowed into the towels so Donna couldn’t see him! She finally got him out after heating the milk (which she said smelled vile!). At first it didn’t nurse then, after a taste, took off! She called me to take a picture.

So adorable and tiny. But he quit nursing when I showed up! I went on back to my room and he started again! The bunny hates me. Lol.

She filled him up and put him back in the cat carrier. According to one website, cottontails only need to be fed twice a day, unlike domestic bunnies.

She says she is gonna release him back into the wild when he can eat solid food. I am thinking rabbit cage. . .

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