The Snake Trap

I had to go meet the mailwoman at our mail box to pick it up; it was too big for the parcel boxes. It came in a large, flat envelop. It assembled into this:

Good thing snakes are color blind!

It comes with paper stapled over this rectangle of goo. This is its secret: this sticky stuff traps the snake like flypaper does flies. Being snake lovers, they recommend checking it at least daily and releasing friendly snakes. One releases them by spraying Pam on them! Their wriggling around works them loose after spraying. They said it is fun to watch them get loose!

It is a couple of inches high. There are two baffles on the left side which are mired in the glue to hold them in place. These are supposed to make it more alluring to snakes. The little dots on the top are snake attractant which stink! They smell like old rodent pee!

Then I took it down to the barn where I had seen the rattler.

I set it near where I saw the little fellow before but no one “talked” to me today so I assume he was busy elsewhere. Someone had been there since I was; there were parts of a disassembled Flicker strewn about now.

Three sides of the trap have openings so one can easily see any trapped snakes. I may take a mirror rather than put my head down and possibly see a VERY POed snake looking at me!

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