My Doctor Appointment

I had an appointment with my GP at his satellite office in Cotopaxi, which is considerably more convenient for me and gets his traffic up at that location (which he wants). On Friday, the patient load was not high so we had a leisurely visit.

This was supposed to be a followup on my TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack or ministroke) of two weeks ago. I mentioned the artifact on the CATScan of my brain that showed I may have had a stroke before. He said it is quite likely I had one if it was not a part of my brain that controlled some function of my body; I would have likely just lost some memory and, naturally, would not remember what I lost! Nice thought.

He mentioned, as a bonus, that cancer patients, for some unknown reason, tend to get strokes more. I am to stay on the 81mg aspirin regimen unless/until I have another one and he will then prescribe a stronger anticoagulant. More “good” thoughts.

I asked him how I would know when my cancer changes to an undifferentiated version and didn’t need testosterone to grow, which would mean my PSA results would no longer be a reliable indicator of cancer growth. He said I wouldn’t! I won’t know until either a bone scan or increasing symptoms of the cancer show it. I was down 3 for 3 this visit!

I mentioned the insect bite on my ankle but didn’t show him. He said it it were a brown recluse, the wound would turn black from necrosis. At least I won this one! Lol.

He did marvel at my quick discharge from the ER. He had assumed I spent hours there, not one and one half hours.

I thanked him for this cheery visit making him laugh. He likes me as a patient since he doesn’t have to sugar coat things. He can just say it and he knows I am not gonna fall apart or go nutso. 🙂

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  1. Peggy

     /  August 23, 2011

    Was that Dr. Arnett, Charlie?


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