My Trash Trip

This snowballed (figuratively, obviously). I added a trip for mail and moving stuff to the barn.

The dumpster is FULL! I won’t be taking the normal household trash up tomorrow as is normal. But I did take the “science experiments” from the fridge. 🙂

As you can see, our driveway has some length to it! And it is all uphill from the house.

Nothing special in the mail but Lily enjoyed it as part of this expedition! She even insisted on riding up to the dumpster!

We stopped by the barn and dropped off some stuff. Lily was sniffing around, probably looking for Mittens! I thought I would grab some boxes and haul them up. That was when I discovered we have guard snake! A small rattler gave me notice it wanted me gone! It was against the metal wall so its rattling was amplified! He bad!

Well, he was bad enough to convince me to leave! I called Lily and we left. She never knew about the snake!

When I got back home and told Donna, she wanted to know if I removed it! Lol.

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  1. Ballerinagirl93

     /  August 18, 2011

    You can tell a snake is poison by looking at the eyes. If they are round, it is nonpoisonous, if they are like a cat’s eye, poisonous.

    Snakes are pretty cool. They interest me. But I don’t want to get bit, either. I’ve held corn snakes and garden snakes and python. Feels odd.

    • Charlie

       /  August 18, 2011

      I barely got a glimpse of the little guy but there was no doubt what it was from the sound! I wasn’t about to make eye contact! Lol.

      I have played with snakes all my life and got bitten only once, by a Diamond Back Water Snake! Since i didn’t get tetanus, it was good. When mine would get out of the cage, my Mother would get the hoe and chop their heads off! I finally quit bothering bringing them home. 😦

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