Kimi’s recovery

Kimi is finally appearing around the house. The first three days, we didn’t see her! She got under the covers on Donna’s bed like it was cold the second day! I almost sat on her!

But now she wanders around looking lost. She looks out the doors but doesn’t go outside. Which is good!

Last night we ganged up on her and cleaned her tail. It was scabbing over; I let Donna hold her while I was the “bad guy”.

The wound on the bottom of her tail is not so bad but she is VERY uncooperative about me lifting her tail for a picture! I was surprised how little she struggled while I rubbed the injuries with a wet sterile sponge the vet had given us.

Later she hopped up on Donna’s bed and began grooming herself. I was very pleased when she licked her wound; at least the top one! But the new fur arrangement on her tail freaks her out if she sees the tuft at the end move while she is watching! Lol.

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  August 14, 2011

    Years ago one of our cats had a similar injury but it happened when my husband came inside with hiking boots on and one of the cats walked around his legs and got her tail under his boot. It takes a while to get it healed, but it does seem that when we nurse our injured pets that inherently they know we are trying to help them and not cause them more pain and discomfort. Do you speak in low soothing tones when you are doctoring her? I do that whenever I am doing that for them.

    My dog had a similar looking problem on his tail, but he had chewed it to that point. Poor guy. Lots of medicine, gauze and tape to protect it to prevent him from continuing to chew on it. The spray medicine didn’t taste good so that helped.

  2. Ballerinagirl93

     /  August 18, 2011

    Poor, sweet baby!


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