Dougherty Gang Update

The details of this story just keep popping up from various sources. Most of this was from the Westcliffe newspaper.

The camping stuff they bought at the Colorado Springs REI was put to use in the San Isabel National Forest at a campground at the St. Charles trailhead. They had stopped in Canon City on the way to buy some ammo but the store didn’t have what they wanted.

I am sure they took CO67 from Canon south through Wetmore then turned on CO165 up Hardscrabble Pass. This is not an unused road so, with so many people watching for their vehicle, it wasn’t surprising they were spotted. It is largely used for recreation with a castle (tours), lake (fishing), and National Forest (camping, hiking, etc.).

By the time the cops got there that morning, they were gone. To get to the Interstate, they went through Colorado City and probably got on at the north interchange. And were spotted shortly afterward.

This increases the notoriety CO165 already had from a headless body being found at a campground along that road a few years ago! Plus a shooting at a wedding being held at the castle!

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