Kimi’s Adventure

Kimi was held “prisoner” all night then this morning, forced into the carrier again! She suspected what was gonna happen and wasn’t cooperative. 😉 As usual, there was much protesting on the trip down the mountain. At one point, she was so angry, she sounded like her big brother yowling!

We left her at the vets and went to breakfast, waiting for The Call. Which came much later, about 12:30 PM! She told me Kimi had an infected bite on her tail which should heal well since she drained it.

So back up to the north end of Cañon City we went. There was a crowd in the office by then: A family with a three-legged dog; me; and a guy dropping off a horse! The vet was gonna work late today! The little girl with the sick dog talked my ear off!

The vet asked me to come in an exam room while she showed me the wound and how to clean it a few times a day. I asked how much she cooperated during the cleaning and she said she was very cooperative, just one person holding her. There were some tendons showing but it will fill in if we don’t allow a scab to form, she said.

She thought it happened 3-5 days ago. I recall there was a late night cat fight about then with Lily barking and Kimi dashing into the house. But Stubbs went missing for hours! He showed up the next morning none the worse for wear. Now I can guess that Kimi was in the fight and Stubbs and Lily came to her rescue! If it were Mittens who bit Kimi, Stubbs probably followed/chased him down to the barn where he seems to live and they had a discussion.

Kimi gave no indication of being attacked. But when her tail infection got going, then she acted injured. When we got home, Kimi grudgingly allowed me take the pictures then dashed under Donna’s bed! Haven’t seen her since!

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