Donna’s Breakfast

After we dropped Kimi off to her fate, we went to Village Inn for breakfast. Donna was hungry and ordered a vegetarian omelet. Then we went to Hastings on the other side of the parking lot for her to shop and me to drink coffee and make cell calls and texts.

But after she found a book she liked, she kinda crashed. I found her outside with her head on the table. She was feeling nauseous but couldn’t tell me what she wanted to do. She did seriously consider our getting a motel room for a while. So she could nap, in case anyone gets other ideas! 😉

Finally we agreed on finding a shady park to wait for The Call. I found a private parking lot to hang out in. The lawn sprinklers helped keep us cool. She actually dozed off as I read. But suddenly opened the door and tossed her breakfast on the pavement! sigh. While this was going on, The Call came in! After her heaving, she felt better and we went on to get Kimi.

But that drive and the heat made her nauseous again. She didn’t throw up in their parking lot but didn’t have fun waiting for me and Kimi.

We had one more stop to get some scripts before making our way up the mountain. Neither of the ladies were happy about that. But Donna didn’t throw up and Kimi didn’t complain too much. Once the AC was on, they both felt better.

When we got home, Kimi and Donna let me take some pictures of Kimi’s tail then they both disappeared for hours!

This is why Donna has a full schedule of tests this month. Both are feeling better tonight.

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