Kimi is Found

As I was leaving for my school Board of Education meeting, Donna found Kimi! She was under my bed. We hadn’t looked there because she NEVER gets under there! We got her into the pet carrier.

While stroking her, it was obvious her tail was injured. Yesterday when we saw her, her tail had a right angle a few inches from her butt. That is not normal.

She called the vet and decided to take Kimi tomorrow. Early. Joy.

For now, Kimi is living in Donna’s bathroom.

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  1. Annie R2P

     /  August 8, 2011

    Glad you found her. Hopefully the injury won’t be too bad, or too costly. We had our dog and 3 cats, and just annual checkup day was a killer dollar wise. Then the surgeries, heartworm, ruptured anal glands, to name a few was a major, CHA-CHING to the old pocketbook. But those animals are part of our families so it must be done.


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