My ER Visit

The whole thing started on my way back home around noon from Westcliffe where I had taken the plastic recycle. My vision dimmed slightly, my head felt odd, and I had this detached feeling. I slowed down and it soon passed. No headache or other symptoms like high blood pressure or a heart problem.

Donna wanted to go see the “Planet of the Apes” movie so we went to the 4 PM showing then to dinner. I joked to my brother that the ambulance company was right across the highway if I needed one!

My head felt kinda odd on the left side, almost like sinus pressure so I suggested an ER visit to make sure it wasn’t serious. So off we went. Donna was doing the driving since she wasn’t sure I was stable. Lol.

We got there about 7 and left about 8:30. A fast visit for an ER! I got poked twice for an IV; got a head CATScan; got a chest X-ray; gave them some blood for testing; and got an EKG.

The curtain was not around the bed but was a screen for the doorway; all the ER rooms are private.

Donna tried to get some reading in but her husband kept talking to her between staff visits!

I tried to look pitiful but not very successfully!

It was a good thing I didn’t have my pen; I would have graffitied this sign with a snarky note, “Only if you inhale it”! And a criticism of the grammar.

The doctor and I got the same answer: I likely had a mini stroke. I was surprised to learn these usually leave no trail. Mine didn’t; all my tests came back negative. Except there was some indication of an old stroke in my brain scan. Maybe from one of my concussions.

So they discharged me. Donna was glad we went just for the peace of mind of knowing it wasn’t serious.

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