Tree Fences

At the rest stop where I took the river pictures, I noticed all the trees near the river had chicken wire “skirts”.

There are no beavers in the Arkansas River so I never did figure out for sure what this was about; maybe they come from nearby tributaries. The best I could come up with were muskrats but don’t think they chew trees! But whatever the problem is, the ARHA went to a lot of trouble to resolve it!

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  1. City4ster

     /  August 6, 2011

    There are people who plant trees or are responsible for taking care of trees who think all trees in all places are managed the same. Someone always thinks you ‘have to’ stake every tree, and others who think you ‘have to’ stick a pipe in the ground to water it and those you think ‘you have to’ top a tree.
    Plus there is always the chance it was put there for rabbits or deer when they were planted and very small and laziness means it was never removed

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