The AT&T Cell Tower

We barely have cell service up here. There is one place where I can carry on a cell conversation: lying in bed with my head on my pillow! Texting is hit or miss. I just sent the same message twice when the first try didn’t work. And the “hot spots” are not even the same from day to day.

So I was excited when this appeared on top of a small mountain nearby!

This is in a development and they had to enlarge and improve the existing “roads”! This was started by AllTel and now AT&T owns it. I have been stopping by the sales office in Cañon to inquire if it is online. The answer was always “No.”. And I always ask the stupid question, “When will it be on?” and they never knew. But this time the answer was different: maybe never!

The young woman told me they were “evaluating all the sites in the state” and may abandon this one. If this one which has exposure up here PLUS all down the Wet Mountain Valley on the other side is in jeopardy, the one in Cotopaxi is toast. Obviously AT&T is still “the phone company” and doesn’t have to care. Now those ads on TV about bringing service to the hicks is annoying BS.

It is fully assembled, physically, but the electronics are lacking. And a connection to the rest of the world! I was gonna try an AT&T phone when it came on but not now. My Verizon contract expired a couple of months ago and I have been month-to-month since. With urgings from them to pick a phone!

Now I will. But that is turning out to be harder than I realized!

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