Donna’s Doctor Appointment

It was an interesting day. The trip up the river was slow; lots of tourists in big campers and motorhomes were “cautious” about our mountain highways! We never went more than 10 MPH under the speed limit and one time were down to 20 MPH!! I am a cautious driver but this was nuts! We managed to get there early anyway.

She checked in and barely got settled when they called her. The nurse took her vitals then we started the wait for the doctor. He quickly arrived.

I had to adjust to his casual attire! But his knowledge and professionalism made his dress irrelevant.

His judgement was that Donna’s nausea was caused by something other than her gall bladder. So he scheduled her for three diagnostic tests, two of them nuclear: an ultrasound this week, a HIDA test for gall bladder function next week, and a gastric emptying test the following week. These are all fasting tests and early in the day! She is not gonna have fun!

After a stop for a lab draw, we went to lunch. She didn’t eat breakfast so was very hungry! We went to the Boat House which is a restaurant along the Arkansas with an open side overlooking the river.

Last time, the water was slower and we could watch trout snagging bugs on the water surface. Not this time!

This is cold water so we were surprised to see three girls repeatedly floating down the river!

The next table over had a family group, relationships unknown, but the high chair for the baby fascinated me!

It clamps onto the edge of the table! The woman in the green shirt on the left was our waitress; this was her fifth day! And I realized when I got home, I had stolen her pen!! Now we have to go back to return it! 😉

Tonight after she ate, Donna went into a full nausea attack! And we had salads after that big $40 lunch! One of her tests has gotta be a positive!

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  1. Charlie

     /  August 4, 2011

    My brother mentioned that they used one like this when they were in Germany. He is just so far ahead of me. Lol.

    I don’t know why he couldn’t have commented.


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