My Summons

Donna went for the mail. As she sorted it, she began forming a sequence of expletives about one piece of mail. But instead of delivering them, she tossed this on my desk and said, cheerfully, “This is for you.”

My first invitation to do my citizen duty in Fremont County, CO. I once showed up for a grand jury panel in El Paso County and was dismissed with prejudice! Lol.

And the local gummint managed to hit a date with nothing else scheduled! Lol. Donna has gotten three of these and never had to serve.


Ways to Treat Advanced Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer starts as a tumor grows in the prostate. Prostate Cancer that spreads outside the prostate gland to the lymph nodes, bones, or further areas is called metastatic prostate cancer. Regrettably at this time, no treatments can cure advanced prostate cancer. Doctors however do have ways to help manage its spread and related symptoms.

For more details on how there aren’t many viable, options for advanced prostate cancer, try this.

Bunny’s Freedom

Today we took him over to the Old Woods where any of us rarely go. It is pretty much left to the wild things: deer, ground squirrels, and cottontails.

This is a satellite image of our property. The Old Woods is south of the barn drive in the upper right hand corner. The land slopes toward the north with the barn road at the bottom of the slope. The woods are old, ancient even. The ground in most of the lower part is grassy.

We left him near the oldest tree in the Woods which we call the Grandmother Tree. There is also a large, old sawn log there.

Caution: the rest if this post will be much like looking at someone’s baby pictures!

He has grown while living in our house but is still just as adorable!

He barely fits in Donna’s hand now!

We closed the pet door and shut the cats and dog in the house. Lily was very distressed and howled and whined the whole time! We NEVER block her in!

He was very aggressive when we opened the door in the house but now he had second thoughts! Maybe he just wanted to be a house bunny and play with the cats! Right.

He sat at the door a long time, absorbing the smells and sounds.

Finally he stepped out onto the ground. He was fascinated by the forest litter.

He really is small!

We thought he was changing his mind and going to go back in the carrier! We joked that he wanted us to leave it there for a house!

But he had decided to check out the world behind the carrier. Here he was just discovering fresh grass. Mmm! Donna had filled his belly before the trip so he really wasn’t hungry but sampled some anyway.

Back around in front of the carrier. He looks so small here. I think Donna wanted to snatch him up and take him back home!

He found a sweet spot here, protected by the logs and the bush. He really blends in.

I had thought he would find the hole in the log inviting but he wasn’t interested. Rabbits don’t live in holes, in general.

Find the bunny! He had crawled into a pile of small logs. He is below where the two logs cross.

And out the other side. By now he was feeling more confident and tending to shy away from us when we moved. It was time to let our little friend continue his new life without our presence. We wish him the best.

While every bunny goes through this stage, this was OUR bunny and we had mixed feelings about releasing him.

Donna’s Tooth Ache

A tooth that Donna is sure was supposed to have had a root canal has lost its cap. And is painful! So much for a root canal.

In any case, she needs dental attention. I finally urged her enough to call our dentist in Cañon City for an appointment that she did. I had urged her to declare it an emergency to get in sooner. She didn’t. So she now has an appointment on September 6 after my library job. So I will run back up here, pick her up and dash back down to Cañon.

And she will endure pain for a week. It could be a long week.

My Urologist Appointment

This morning I did my library duty then had lunch in the school cafeteria: spaghetti with cheese sauce and chicken. I wasn’t the only one who found this a unique experience among the staff! Lol. But it was good.

Then I headed down the river from Cotopaxi to Pueblo for some time to bond with my urologist. By the time I got to Pueblo, the temperature was near 100°. Thank the Goddess for air conditioning! The doctor’s office was downtown and the waiting room was packed! I figured a long wait.

The receptionist handed me the cup for a urine specimen. She was having her birthday Friday then joked if I thought she was 25. I told her i did then asked how old she was. “32” she replied and I told her she looked like 25. She thanked me! Then I used the cup. By the time I had settled in a chair, the nurse called me in!

When she ushered me into an exam room, she asked if I had an infection. I said no, I didn’t and asked why she asked. “Because I gave a urine specimen.” I explained it is a urologist office and they always want one and the receptionist handed me the plastic cup. Even the doctor asked me. Made me wonder.

Turns out most the people waiting were first timers and were doing paperwork. So in I went. And the doctor didn’t waste any time either. My primary purpose for the visit was to get another injection of Lupron, my primary hormone suppression drug. He actually asked me which brand I wanted! What did I know! Lol. He picked the same brand I had been using.

He found my taking pictures amusing. Then he mixed up the brew for my butt.

I didn’t know this was a binary drug but he had to mix it up; it wasn’t milky looking until he mixed it. Interesting. Nice needle, too.

I leaned over the exam table and relaxed. Then yelped when the needle hit a nerve! Normally I don’t even feel the injection since it really is on my lower back.

I was kinda embarrassed by my reaction. I will be getting these every 3 months for the rest of my life.

Another New Baby

I had heard there was another new llama in the School Section. But I didn’t see it for a while. Mommy kept it away from the road. 😦 Finally this morning I got some good pictures

So little! And almost completely black! When it lies down, it looks like a baby goat! We had another baby in July.

Two in one year! This llama hasn’t had a baby before but she is proving a good mother. This makes 7 llamas in this pasture. We worry there won’t be enough for all of them to eat.

The Dishwasher

For a week, our dishwasher has been dripping along the front but Monday, it went bananas and water flowed over the kitchen floor! Not a huge puddle but along the floor in front of the cabinet. I removed the bottom panel and cleaned that up; it was very wet!

The hose lying there unconnected is left over from the previous piece of crap dishwasher that came with the house. It was easier to leave it lay than remove the sealant between the cabinet sections. When we run a load fo dishes next, I will watch for the source of the water. It wasn’t obvious since NOTHING on the bottom of the machine was even damp!

I needed another project!

Donna’s Doctor Appointment

Donna was very nauseous last night but was better this morning but this gave her more resolve to get the problem fixed. So when she saw her doctor and he said it was her gall bladder, she was actually glad. The doctor could fix that by removing it!

Her problem is “biliary dyskinesia”. No stones but her bladder isn’t contracting right when it injects bile into her intestine. I said it wasn’t ejaculating right; the doctor didn’t disagree but said they use other terminology! He also said there isn’t anything he can give her to help; the only resolution was removal. And she would have to limit her fat intake since that would cause diarrhea. But she had a problem with his saying she’d have to cut her cheese intake! Other fats she could handle but she likes her cheeses!

She was in the mood to accept this choice and agreed to surgery. It will be done lapriscopically unless there is a problem. Then he will open her up. He is a trauma surgeon so I feel very comfortable with his operating on her. I am unsure how she feels about him doing it but she does want SOMEONE to remove the offending organ.

All along she has said it was her gall bladder and this diagnosis proved her right! She knows we will have a lot of out of pocket expenses even with insurance but she is “sick of feeling sick”.

Her surgery is now scheduled for September 29 sometime around dawn! Lol. She will be in the hospital overnight which complicates things with the dog and cats but I’ll figure it out. Either the kennel or going back and forth.

I later realized today many of my friends made life-changing decisions. It must be a favorable position for the planets today!

The Cripple Creek and Victor Mining Company Leach Fields

From our barn we can see the entire length of the growing leach fields.

At night the sodium lights of the plants glare in the dark. I wrote about the these piles in my LJ blog.

Snake Report: Day 6

I missed day 5 but it didn’t matter.

Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

I don’t agree with all this but it does explain me! I have ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and all this time I just thought I was odd! Lol.

The opposition to NCLB seems quixotic. The crux of the opposition, to me, seems that it doesn’t matter if the kids learn anything. I once proposed at a stunned meeting of CASB* to quit testing and just mail out diplomas. It didn’t exactly garner any applause. Lol.

But the thesis is correct: keep them feeling helpless and not thinking.

The ruling elite has created social institutions that have subdued young Americans and broken their spirit of resistance.


*CASB = Colorado Association of School Boards

School Bear

While we had a bear, they had one at school! The wildlife people brought one they had captured for the kids to see.

I asked if they need a second one! I don’t know the details; this was sent by the Superintendent. He did enjoy the kids looking over the bear through the fence.

As long as one doesn’t wander through our campus. I would be more worried about the older boys thinking they could take one down!

Snake Report: Day 4

Nothing. The cat had been there. I could smell the poop when I opened the door.

The Bunny

Kimi has taken an interest in the bunny for some reason. The first day or two, she ignored it. Now she wants to “play”. Using her claws. Even after severe consequences. So it is still in “solitary” in my bathtub.

But it is nursing well on the cat milk. It should grow well and be ready to release soon.

And it is very active at night. I don’t know what it is doing, but I can hear it on the other side of the wall “dancing”!

The Bear

This morning I wasn’t the sharpest tack around but finally noticed the bird feeders looked wrong.

The green circles are changes. One circle is empty which is where the thistle feeder on the ground goes. At first I was unsure what created this carnage but when I found the suet cage with the chain broken, only a bear could have done this. It didn’t get much; nearly all the feeders were empty. sigh.

Now I need to buy two finch feeders, one thistle feeder, and a suet cage. It didn’t trash the fence but seemed to have gone over it with only mild bending. And did not get in the trash just a few feet away.

I don’t know when this happened but the dog was barking a long time this morning, either from paranoia of knowing something had been in the yard or she saw it and chased it off! All our pets are accounted for so losing some feeders is a small price to pay for “hosting” a hungry bear.

This is the first time one has come into the yard.

Our Bunny

I got some bunny supplies at Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply. In the cat section, I got canned cat milk and a nursing bottle set.

When we got home, I looked in on our new pet; he looked at me and then burrowed into the towels so Donna couldn’t see him! She finally got him out after heating the milk (which she said smelled vile!). At first it didn’t nurse then, after a taste, took off! She called me to take a picture.

So adorable and tiny. But he quit nursing when I showed up! I went on back to my room and he started again! The bunny hates me. Lol.

She filled him up and put him back in the cat carrier. According to one website, cottontails only need to be fed twice a day, unlike domestic bunnies.

She says she is gonna release him back into the wild when he can eat solid food. I am thinking rabbit cage. . .

Donna’s Gastric Uptake Test

This was the last of this series of tests for Donna. This test followed a radioisotope from ingestion through her stomach. It was 2 and 1/2 hours long!

It started with her being given one microwaved egg with radioisotope seasoning! And 4 oz of apple juice to wash it down. Donna had NEVER had a microwaved egg before! Poor woman! One of the easiest and best breakfasts in the world is microwaved eggs and cheese (shallots optional).

Then she lay strapped on an X-ray table for the next two hours with the “camera” on her belly. This makes it impossible for her to read. Or scratch her nose. No TV. And this time the tech was busy doing at least two of these at once so wasn’t much company. She meditated a lot.

I went shopping after a very good breakfast of biscuits and gravy with unlimited coffee for $2! I went to Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply for bunny supplies: a pet baby bottle kit and some kitten milk (!). The expert there insisted the bunny would be fine with cat milk. So I bought both but a small can of the cat milk.

I got back to the hospital before Donna was done.

She actually came out a few minutes early in great spirits, maybe because it was like gaining one’s freedom from lockup! Then on to lunch. The irony is she felt sorry for ME for having to hang around! I actually had a very good morning!

I suggested Quincy’s for lunch. I was actually surprised when she agreed. The eggs made her decide to have lunch, I guess!

She had a pulled pork sandwich and I had a Reuben. Both were good. Then we went to a farmer’s market and bought eggs (from happy chickens), veggies, and bread. Then came home.

She will learn Monday what all this revealed.

Snake Report: Day 3

Sigh. No snake. I think it left after our confrontation. I even walked around to see if anyone talked to me. Nope.

I have been taking a picture each day as a way of seeing if the trap is occupied but the small image on my camera and my poor eyesight make it impossible to tell anything. So I carefully use the hoe!

But someone had been there.

The Flicker feathers are still there but they have been joined with some gray feathers from another bird. If you are wondering why these birds end up in the barn and then dinner, here is why: they enter the barn either under the large doors or through the small openings along the roof beams.

Then they find themselves trapped. Most birds can’t figure out how to get out. Hummingbirds can if one opens the large sliding doors. The others go up to the skylights.

They sit on the rafters in the heat and fall to the floor. And get eaten. Probably by Mittens.

On my way back up the hill, I pass the pet graveyard.

Five of our beloved family members are buried here. The second one, the little one, is for Loki who passed away very early in his life. There should be a sixth, Velvet, the cat who moved with us but our lives were disorganized at the time and we left his body with the vet. 😦 He took to living in the woods much better than we ever expected. He was much like Stubbs is now: a large, friendly, black cat.

Lunch at School

I did my library job today then went to the cafeteria for lunch. Super John had invited me. It turned out to be pizza day! I chose a pepperoni and mushroom slice but later learned the taco pizza was the best!

I joined the faculty and we ended up talking about politics. Except for Larry. I don’t think he said a word the whole time!

I remember the cafeteria from my youth and this was nothing like it. We separate the schools for meals to prevent harassment of the younger students. So it was maybe half full at the peak: maybe 35 students! And quiet; no yelling or other noise.

Anyway it my first time to eat in the cafeteria during school. I will probably make this a habit each Tuesday.

My Library Job

This year, I am doing Tuesday mornings on my volunteer job, which this is. I am on duty and bored! I have had one customer, a young lady who checked out a James Patterson book. And a teacher brought an elementary class through to show them the library.

But this is only the fourth day of school. I am sure things will pick up next week!

I hate this clunky keyboard! My wine soaked one was sightly worse than this one! I will buy a new one for the library! And a new mouse, too! I miss the wheel!