Mailed my MMJ Application

Thursday during my routine trip to town, I went by the Social Security office to get proof of my being on SS. To my shock, there was no one waiting! But I did the check-in thing on the computer. I didn’t make it to a seat when the guy at the window called my number! 10. It hadn’t been a busy day!

I told him what I wanted then he asked for a bunch of data to verify me: SSN, Mother’s maiden name, father’s name, birthday, etc. I obliged him but it seemed like overkill. And there was no charge. When I called Donna to tell her, I knew she was gonna ask the numbers off of it and that my insurance premium was gonna make her howl! It did! I pay $98/MO; she pays about $1000/MO! Eventually she will become old enough for Medicare!

The MMJ doctor’s office had been very efficient in preparing the packet for mailing. All I did was slip the two pages in the envelop and seal it. It was going by certified mail so cost about $4. In a week or two I should get my Red Card.

The doctor’s office guaranteed that if it were rejected for any reason, they would redo it and make it right. I am already planning my marijuana plantation in my bedroom! Lol.

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