My MMJ Appointment

Today was my appointment with a doctor in Pueblo for my MMJ card approval. It did not go as I expected.

I was gonna stop by one of the “grow your own” stores I had seen, one in Cañon City and one in Pueblo West on the way. Neither existed anymore. Something has changed.

I got to the office in the strip mall an hour early because my list of errands went faster than expected. It was 95 and there was no place to sit in the shade but, as I was assessing my situation, a big guy in what I thought was an aloha shirt (They were colorful scrubs!) got out. Turns out he was one of the doctors! I commented about their not having a bench and he said they used to but someone stole it! And stole some flowers out of the flowerbed. Tough neighborhood!

He let me in where it was cool anyway. He was back early from lunch to eat it in his office. I read my book, Fuzzy Nation.

Once the receptionist came in, it was the usual routine of filling out papers. I settled back to my book for a few minutes and then she told me to go on in for my appointment.

I was in much longer than I needed to be. Doctors enjoy talking to me and he was no exception. I now know way more than I needed to know but he is a very interesting guy! When I came out, there were other patients waiting but the other doctor wasn’t there yet!

He did two things I considered special: he referred me to a dispensary, and even called to let them know I was coming, and urged me to start as soon as possible because he felt MMJ could heal my cancer. Or at least extend my life several years.  It did his. He also mentioned something called Phoenix Tears I should look into..

While I waited for the other doctor, I called Donna and a guy I thought was another patient called me in! It was the other doctor wearing a T-shirt to work! Lol. He wasn’t as gung ho about the benefits of MMJ but felt it was more of a painkiller and mood stabilizer.

Both of them had no reservations about approving me.

Then the receptionist wanted some money. Cash money! They took neither checks nor credit cards (but they were working on it!) so I had to drive over to Sunflower Bank, two blocks away, and use the ATM for the $99. I had expected it to be $120 but she told me “they were running a special this week”!

When I gave her the cash, she gave me an envelope to mail to the state complete with a “certified mail” sticker. I have to include either $90 or a copy of the letter authorizing my Social Security payment. Old geezers get a Red Card for free!

I stopped by the dispensary on my way home. Doc #1 had told me she was “vivacious and attractive” which naturally meant “skinny” to me! Lol. She and I had a long talk about using and growing marijuana. Since I was not an official card carrying pothead, I didn’t get past the front office!

This will work. I am authorized to grow 6 plants. I had heard the things grow tall as corn stalks and there was no way that would fit in our house! But that is Sativia, the pot smoker’s preferred variety, but Indica is more like a shrub and had less THC with more CBN. They describe the effects as S. being more like a mental high and I. as being a “body high”. We talked horticulture some, too.

I asked if their stuff was grown hydroponically and she waxed eloquent! Not only was it but all organically grown, blah, blah. I commented that sounded like a pain in the ass. Her response floored me! “It is a lot of work but my husband is OCD so everything is done perfectly!” LOL.

They had a sign out front that was advertizing 1 oz. for $200. That seemed high to me (no pun intended!) but a knowledgeable friend said it wasn’t for hydroponic pot. She had previously gotten some CO MMJ and was amazed how better it was than the street stuff she bought.

The woman referred to Phoenix Tears and suggested I Google it. Potent stuff! It is also known as “hemp oil” and is potent! 1/4 of a drop is a dose!! I can make it myself from a pound of pot. They claim it cures cancer and makes one younger. And is a great sleep aid!

So I am on my way to being a card carrying user! I just want to use it to calm  my demons, not get stoned. 😉

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  1. Rowan

     /  July 27, 2011

    Gratz, Charlie! That’s something I’d really like to do but it’s $250 here for the once-per-year doctor’s appointment. My current doctors are all for me getting on MMJ but it’s against the policies of both of the clinics that they work in. wtf?

    I’m so totally pumped that you’re getting some relief! I don’t know anything about Phoenix’s Tears or how much to believe (a cure for cancer and makes you younger? Seriously?) but if nothing else, I hope the MMJ gives you the pain relief you need and extends your life expectancy. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Charlie

     /  July 27, 2011

    I don’t have pain yet unless something (or someone) presses my “hot spots”. Right now. But if it will calm my brain, that is great. Pushing back against the cancer, even greater!

    $250?! That is a scam! What do you get for that?

    Thank you for your good wishes. I wish you could get some relief without the hard drugs. 😦

  3. James

     /  July 27, 2011

    Yeah, well, if it cures your cancer, let me know. Let the world know.

  4. Peggy

     /  August 1, 2011

    I’m going to share all this with Geoff’s brother, this week! Thanks Charlie..good luck.

  5. Annie R2P

     /  August 7, 2011

    I was just reading a front page article in my local newspaper. The county that I live in has more medical marijuana growers than anywhere else in the state. In fact, one small town of 2,000 people has 400 cardholders. So 20% of the people are growing, at least 6 plants.

    Good luck with everything.


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