Why a New Blog?

Because Live Journal is becoming unreliable. So I figured this is an omen for me to change! When LJ is up, it contains the history of the last several years of my life. It is at oldbogus.livejournal.com when it is running!

But I will start using this blog for the last few years of my life.  It will have lots of ups and downs so don’t expect it to all be fun reading! But I do try to be entertaining.

I was gonna use “eunuch” in the URL but I guess another eunuch beat me to it! My old URL, oldbogus.etc was deleted by WordPress for inactivity and I couldn’t easily use it. Besides I am not really Old Bogus anymore. I am me!

This blog can be subscribed by RSS or E-mail.

Welcome to my world.

Update 8/15/11: I keep fiddling with the format and features. I started with just a tag cloud then learned WordPress, in their wisdom, limits that list to only 45 tags! If you look at my tag cloud on LJ, it is very long: 1224! So I am going to using a list for categories. Which means changing all the “uncategorized” entries to something more meaningful!

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