My Shoulder

Yesterday my shoulder was very painful where my cancer lives. I used acetaminophen for some relief. This happens when my bursitis acts up. My joint swells and there ain’t room enough in that joint fer the both of ’em. At one point I reached over my shoulder and touched where it hurt. WOW! I barely touched it and pain filled the shoulder! I didn’t do that again!

Later, I was lying in bed when Donna came in and lay next to me to talk. While we were talking, Stubbs came in and got between us! Since my back was to him (and Donna)(I sleep on my right side.), he snuggled up against me and his weight on the back of my shoulder hurt. Finally Donna pulled him over some so he was lightly laying against me.

Then he started purring thinking she was gonna pet him. The vibration from the purring was actually painful!

It is much better today; I can feel the tenderness when I move that arm but I haven’t needed any analgesic today. Obviously it just wants to be left alone!

But it did get me to thinking: how will I know when it mutates and is no longer prostate cancer? We have been using my PSA as an indicator; even the colonies are still prostate tissue, just gone nutso! Once it becomes a more generic form of cancer, that indicator will no longer be accurate. I gotta ask one of my doctors how we know when the s**t has hit the bloodstream.


Kindle Books

I just downloaded some books into my Kindle. And it is all John Scalzi’s fault! I was checking out his recommendation of Stephen Boyett’s new novel, Mortality Bridge. That one went on my wish list (because Stephen, or his publisher, doesn’t have Kindle versions). Then I ended up in the Kindle store!

I bought four new books! But actually paid money for only one! While Amazon is good at making recommendations, somehow the free books don’t show up on that list! So I now have Stretch (a Harlequin novel), Red Coyote Weekend (a mystery), CRY UNCLE (a probably pitiful mystery/romance), and Mama Does Time (a mystery in the style of Carl Hiaasen). The last one was the paid for one with great recommendations.

Earlier I had “bought” The Prince by Machiavelli (in English). The free list changes constantly since it is a “top 100” list.

Another discovery: Kindles only read PDF imports as I have mentioned. It will not read any text documents. 😦 Amazon knew what it was doing!

A Telephone Tea Party Poll

I was at my desk the other day and answered the phone. A friendly voice identified himself (itself?) as a surveyor for some Tea Party organization. Would I participate? My “yeah” was unacceptable. “Yes” worked.

#1: Did I think Obama was doing a good job? A quiet “no” didn’t work; Donna was asleep. “No” worked.

#2: Should Obamacare be repealed? With a tirade about all its problems, like the recording was gonna change anyone’s mind. “No”.

“Thank you for your time. *click*”

Mailed my MMJ Application

Thursday during my routine trip to town, I went by the Social Security office to get proof of my being on SS. To my shock, there was no one waiting! But I did the check-in thing on the computer. I didn’t make it to a seat when the guy at the window called my number! 10. It hadn’t been a busy day!

I told him what I wanted then he asked for a bunch of data to verify me: SSN, Mother’s maiden name, father’s name, birthday, etc. I obliged him but it seemed like overkill. And there was no charge. When I called Donna to tell her, I knew she was gonna ask the numbers off of it and that my insurance premium was gonna make her howl! It did! I pay $98/MO; she pays about $1000/MO! Eventually she will become old enough for Medicare!

The MMJ doctor’s office had been very efficient in preparing the packet for mailing. All I did was slip the two pages in the envelop and seal it. It was going by certified mail so cost about $4. In a week or two I should get my Red Card.

The doctor’s office guaranteed that if it were rejected for any reason, they would redo it and make it right. I am already planning my marijuana plantation in my bedroom! Lol.

Kindle Update

I have read more books since I got this gadget than in the previous several weeks! It is easy to read on; I had to force myself to finish Fuzzy Nation in hardbound.

But I have found one problem. While it easily accepts PDFs, those cannot be resized to fit the screen and be read comfortably. With books, enlarging text causes it to wrap but with a PDF, it is fixed at whatever size it was created.

Donna’s Trip to the Doctor’s

Wednesday it was Donna’s turn for a doctor visit. Her’s was up the river and I suggested we stop at Barry’s Den in Texas Creek for lunch on the way. I got a Reuben; she got a cheeseburger. She had been having problems with her digestion before and this meal really made her sick. I still feel guilty for making my wife sick!

But the scenery was great! This is the view out the window from our table.

I had never noticed before but there is a pole with a flag on it on top of this mountain! Whoever put it there has my admiration!

She wasn’t sure why she had this appointment! Her GP had made two appointments for her and she wasn’t sure which was which. One was for a colonoscopy. 😉

We got there early but that didn’t cause a longer wait, fortunately. She and the nurse figured out why she was there: to plan a colonoscopy! They did some talking and some paperwork and declared her fit for the test.

Then we came right home since Donna was in distress by then.

My MMJ Appointment

Today was my appointment with a doctor in Pueblo for my MMJ card approval. It did not go as I expected.

I was gonna stop by one of the “grow your own” stores I had seen, one in Cañon City and one in Pueblo West on the way. Neither existed anymore. Something has changed.

I got to the office in the strip mall an hour early because my list of errands went faster than expected. It was 95 and there was no place to sit in the shade but, as I was assessing my situation, a big guy in what I thought was an aloha shirt (They were colorful scrubs!) got out. Turns out he was one of the doctors! I commented about their not having a bench and he said they used to but someone stole it! And stole some flowers out of the flowerbed. Tough neighborhood!

He let me in where it was cool anyway. He was back early from lunch to eat it in his office. I read my book, Fuzzy Nation.

Once the receptionist came in, it was the usual routine of filling out papers. I settled back to my book for a few minutes and then she told me to go on in for my appointment.

I was in much longer than I needed to be. Doctors enjoy talking to me and he was no exception. I now know way more than I needed to know but he is a very interesting guy! When I came out, there were other patients waiting but the other doctor wasn’t there yet!

He did two things I considered special: he referred me to a dispensary, and even called to let them know I was coming, and urged me to start as soon as possible because he felt MMJ could heal my cancer. Or at least extend my life several years.  It did his. He also mentioned something called Phoenix Tears I should look into..

While I waited for the other doctor, I called Donna and a guy I thought was another patient called me in! It was the other doctor wearing a T-shirt to work! Lol. He wasn’t as gung ho about the benefits of MMJ but felt it was more of a painkiller and mood stabilizer.

Both of them had no reservations about approving me.

Then the receptionist wanted some money. Cash money! They took neither checks nor credit cards (but they were working on it!) so I had to drive over to Sunflower Bank, two blocks away, and use the ATM for the $99. I had expected it to be $120 but she told me “they were running a special this week”!

When I gave her the cash, she gave me an envelope to mail to the state complete with a “certified mail” sticker. I have to include either $90 or a copy of the letter authorizing my Social Security payment. Old geezers get a Red Card for free!

I stopped by the dispensary on my way home. Doc #1 had told me she was “vivacious and attractive” which naturally meant “skinny” to me! Lol. She and I had a long talk about using and growing marijuana. Since I was not an official card carrying pothead, I didn’t get past the front office!

This will work. I am authorized to grow 6 plants. I had heard the things grow tall as corn stalks and there was no way that would fit in our house! But that is Sativia, the pot smoker’s preferred variety, but Indica is more like a shrub and had less THC with more CBN. They describe the effects as S. being more like a mental high and I. as being a “body high”. We talked horticulture some, too.

I asked if their stuff was grown hydroponically and she waxed eloquent! Not only was it but all organically grown, blah, blah. I commented that sounded like a pain in the ass. Her response floored me! “It is a lot of work but my husband is OCD so everything is done perfectly!” LOL.

They had a sign out front that was advertizing 1 oz. for $200. That seemed high to me (no pun intended!) but a knowledgeable friend said it wasn’t for hydroponic pot. She had previously gotten some CO MMJ and was amazed how better it was than the street stuff she bought.

The woman referred to Phoenix Tears and suggested I Google it. Potent stuff! It is also known as “hemp oil” and is potent! 1/4 of a drop is a dose!! I can make it myself from a pound of pot. They claim it cures cancer and makes one younger. And is a great sleep aid!

So I am on my way to being a card carrying user! I just want to use it to calm  my demons, not get stoned. 😉

Why a New Blog?

Because Live Journal is becoming unreliable. So I figured this is an omen for me to change! When LJ is up, it contains the history of the last several years of my life. It is at when it is running!

But I will start using this blog for the last few years of my life.  It will have lots of ups and downs so don’t expect it to all be fun reading! But I do try to be entertaining.

I was gonna use “eunuch” in the URL but I guess another eunuch beat me to it! My old URL, oldbogus.etc was deleted by WordPress for inactivity and I couldn’t easily use it. Besides I am not really Old Bogus anymore. I am me!

This blog can be subscribed by RSS or E-mail.

Welcome to my world.

Update 8/15/11: I keep fiddling with the format and features. I started with just a tag cloud then learned WordPress, in their wisdom, limits that list to only 45 tags! If you look at my tag cloud on LJ, it is very long: 1224! So I am going to using a list for categories. Which means changing all the “uncategorized” entries to something more meaningful!

Baby Llama

The new baby is so cute!

After it had posed so nicely, I shouted, “Thank you” and got an ugly look from Mom! Lol.